USS Dale’s 12 World War II Battle Stars

World War II battle stars were given for actual operations in a specific area and time that involved clashes with the enemy of sufficient intensity and significance to justify recognition. The USS Dale won twelve of the twenty-two battle stars awarded in the Pacific Theatre.

1. Pearl Harbor December 1941
2. South Pacific Carrier Raids
Bouganville February 1942
Lae – Salamaua March 1942
3. Occupation of the Aleutian Islands
Komandorski Islands March 1943
Attu Island May to June 1943
4. Occupation of the Gilbert Islands November to December 1943
5. Occupation of the Marshall Islands
Kwajalein January to February 1944
Eniwetok February 1944
6. Central Pacific Carrier Raids
Palau, Yap, Ulithi, Woleai March to April 1944
Truk, Satawan, Ponape April to May 1944
7. Occupation of Hollandia April 1944
8. Occupation of the Marianas
Saipan June 1944
Philippine Sea June 1944
Guam July 1944
9. Occupation of the Philippines
Formosa January 1945
China January 1945
10. Occupation of Iwo Jima February to March 1945
11. Occupation of Okinawa
Carrier raids March to June 1945
Okinawa March to June 1945
12. Occupation of Balikpapan July 1945